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Helping you navigate text,

 connect with character,

find your truth

 and create your original performance.


I have been a professional acting coach since 1991. I teach and coach Meisner and the techniques of Uta Hagen.  I coach both for stage and film and especially enjoy coaching monologue and audition material.


After watching literally thousands of auditions in my role as a casting director, you can imagine how much better my own auditions became! I was a part of both worlds, in front of and behind the camera, on stage and in the audience.



The result of this experience?  

An edge other coaches do not have!


I know what the people on the other side of that camera or sitting behind that table want to see. The great thing is, everyone wants you to do well, everyone in that audition room wants you to succeed, and you can settle into that energy too.


And of course, I've been on hundreds of auditions myself for stage, film and TV. Experience is a powerful educator.




My Style


I have developed a teaching and coaching style that is a combination of ideas inspired by by Meisner and Linklater training, and by my study of energy, mind-body holism and intuition. The reason my students get call-backs, book jobs, get into acting programs (grad and undergrad) is because I am able to clearly see where each individual student needs to go internally to create honest and open character. Each time you choose a new monologue, get handed a script, you engage in deeply personal work. If you do not take the risk of working internally on your own emotional life, you run the risk of creating shallow disconnected characters.


 I work with solid techniques and I also work intiutively. This means I see more, I sense more. I use this ability to help you get to a deeply connected place with your words. This is why I can get you through obstacles in your acting and help you clarify and personalize your character.


And because I coach voice as well as acting, I’ll be giving you help with your vocal life.


Acting coaching and voice coaching are inseparable.


Even in just one session, you can feel closer to your words. You can feel audition-ready and excited about your process! 


Stage Fright?  Audition Nerves?


I provide warm-ups and relaxation techniques,

I invent new exercises to suit your personality.

You will feel relaxed, aware and confident. 

Technique is your base, it supports you.


I can help you get to a confident performance place. The way you prepare for, the way you put into perspective every audition affects your performance in that audition. There is simply no reason to be,

As an unperfect actor on the stage,
Who with his fear is put beside his part,
Sonnet 23


If you are currently in a production and looking for more support, I can work with you without stepping on any directorial toes. I can help you with anything from script work to character development.


I also offer workshops for theatres, school, and groups.