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The Basic Vocal Workshop

 Workshops are designed to suit individual or group needs!


Workshops begin with discussion, participants are encouraged to share their ideas and experiences. Participants journal answers to questions regarding their own voices, journaling is done again at the end of workshop.


Participants are brought through basic vocal and physical exercises that focus first on relaxation and breath and move on to creation of open sound through vibration with the goal of tension free articulation and the ability to clearly send emotion through text.


Participants identify where they tend to carry tension and how they can use the exercises to help alleviate their tension.


Participants are supported individually and encouraged fully in their work.


Workshops are designed to be fun, relaxing informative and enlightening.


Materials are provided to support continued use of workshop ideas.


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 The Basic Monologue Master Class





What leads us to choose the monologues we do?


How do we personalize a monologue?


Students are helped to make their monologue their own while staying within the boundaries of the dramatic text.


 Students come prepared with memorized pieces. Workshops begin with warm-up and discussion.


Students perform their monologues and are coached on technical elements such as character, intention, actions, beats, but most importantly personalizing.


Ideas and exercises from Meisner, Uta Hagen, Improvisation, Linklater Voice Work and ideas of grounding and intuition are used. Each student, each group requires a different approach, I design workshops to suit each population.


Let me design your workshop today!