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Voice Coaching

It is not enough to speak, but to speak true.

A Midsummer Night's Dream


Voice work is rewarding as it demands that you develop the self awareness necessary for acting, for creating, for being authentic.


The Rooted Voice work I do helps you identify and release the tension that prevents you from fully connecting to your core, the place from which you create, from which you act.  

Breath Awareness

My words fly up, my thoughts remain below: Words without thoughts never to heaven go." --From Hamlet (III, iii, 100-103)


Your connection to your words is what gives them life. Vocal technique is your grounding. Breath is the root of your vocal technique.


My style incorporates elements handed to me by my Linklater voice and speech mentor, Claudia Anderson (DePaul University) and elements of Speech Training from Cicely Berry and Arthur Lessac. Newer to Voice Training is the way I incorporate knowledge of the chakra system and power centers in your body.


I am a very intuitive coach, while I am listening to you work I hear more than just your voice. This is very individual work, vocal training, just like acting, and I honor your individuality. I find the smallest adjustments that lead you to the largest discoveries. I help you clear interior obstacles that show up as exterior issues in your voice or in your acting.


I can help you with vocal technique, vocal production, articulation, dialect, audition and performance warm-up, vocal health and maintenance. Should you need it, I can refer you to speech pathologists.

Voice class is relaxing, but it is work!

Mend your speech a little,
lest it mar your fortunes.
King Lear
My focus in voice work is getting you to your core, helping you find the voice you were born to let out, a voice that MAY be obstructed by tension. Where does the tension come from? Well, nowhere surprising. Thought patterns, Ideas or beliefs you hold about yourself and the world. Whether they feel as simple as “I’m just nervous in audition” or they feel as complicated as ideas handed to you in childhood about who you are and what you are allowed to do or to be. These ideas or beliefs creep into performance in the form of tension. Voice work is one way to free yourself from them and find your best performance place.




Voice work trains you to relax!


The bottom line is, you must take care of your voice. You have no choice. If something happens to your voice, you lose your art.


Your body is your instrument, you have to keep it in tune!



  Email or call for individual coaching, check out the Workshop/Master Class page for information on group work.   818-568-6983